[UPDATED] 30 Trendy Terrace Designs: Stunning and Relaxing Options

The current trend is all about beautiful and chill terrace designs, and this is becoming an essential feature for townhouses and tube houses. With a beautiful terrace, houses in the midst of a stuffy city can transform into a green living and relaxing space for families to enjoy. Check out these 30 stunning terrace designs to get inspired for your own outdoor oasis.

1. Difference between balcony and terrace

First, let’s make it clear that balcony and terrace are not the same thing. Maybe you already know and distinguish the difference between a balcony and a terrace, you can skip this part. However, there are still some people who confuse them. Here is the exact concept of balcony and terrace for everyone to refer to!

1.1. What is a balcony?

Balcony (French:  balcon  /balkɔ̃/) A structure in a house or building that is a horizontal space that is protruding and connected to a wall in front of a door and usually fitted with a safety railing. Balconies are usually built from the second floor upwards. It is a protruding part of the attic, with a balustrade and a door leading to the room. Source: Wikipedia

beautiful terrace balconyThe balcony is the part that protrudes out of the attic, has a railing and has a door to the room

1.2. What is a terrace?

A terrace is an outdoor extension on the roof or roof of the top floor (top floor) of a building above ground level. A terrace in general will be many times larger than a balcony and will receive a ventilated space because it is exposed to the sky and often catches the wind. The terrace is a place that is subject to direct sunlight all day in the summer, so preventing heat and sunlight for this space is also cooling for the whole house, especially the next floor. Source: Wikipedia

nice terraceA terrace is an outdoor extension on the roof or roof of the top floor (top floor) of a house

beautiful terrace designBeautiful small terrace model with many lovely trees

2. Note the beautiful terrace design

Similar to other living spaces, before you start designing a beautiful terrace, you also need to make a detailed plan for this space.

2.1. Plan a specific design

The first thing that you need to prepare is to collect or imagine some beautiful terrace models yourself. To make it easier to raise requirements with architects. Should cover first

  • Shape
  • Dimensions of the garden
  • Type tree
  • Estimated cost

If you have completed the above steps, you are almost done with your work. The next step, you can rest ᴀssured that the design unit will do it.

2.2. Notes on feng shui

Beautiful and feng shui rooftop design will bring your home a balance of yin and yang. This is a space that is considered prosperous, so we should decorate with a variety of plants.

Some small notes on feng shui for the terrace:

– In the terrace you should avoid placing furniture on the spiritual areas downstairs in the house.

– Always take care of green plants. Avoiding ᴅᴇᴀᴅ plants will make the yin and yang in the house no longer be balanced.

– The garden should not be too dense. Regular cleaning should be done to prevent snakes from harming the garden and the health of family members.

2.3. Choose the right terrace

Design a terrace for a villaHow to make this space become eye-catching, attractive and make people fall in love and admire. It seems that the selection of the landscaped space of the garden house is a great suggestion for these villas. The villa has a large space so we will be able to design a more spacious and airy terrace.

Townhouse terrace designThe characteristic of townhouses is a modest area, and the house will be made taller. The design is suitable depending on the area of ​​the terrace.

The trend of choosing to plant vines from the terrace down along with stylized bamboo roofs and garden miniatures is chosen by many homeowners today in the  design of beautiful small terraces . At the same time, each can choose separate decoration styles to suit their preferences. From there, it brings a green space that covers the whole house but is equally unique and personal.

beautiful small terrace designBeautiful terrace design

2.4. Security

Safety when designing a terrace is extremely important. Accordingly, the design of the terrace needs to have a high enough and safe railing, so that the space is airy, you can use tempered glᴀss railings that are both aesthetic and safe. In addition, you can plant trees around the yard area to create a barrier separating the dangerous area and bring green space.

terrace iron railingTo ensure safety when living on the terrace, you need to use railings built of concrete, tempered glᴀss or iron frames

2.5. Terrace floor tiles

Terrace floor tiles must be anti-slip because this area is directly affected by the weather. You can consider using specialized bricks or treated wood as that will ensure safety and effectively prevent slipping.

beautiful terrace tilesChoosing terrace tiles with good slip resistance

2.6. Rooftop drainage system

The terrace is the highest place of the house so good drainage is very important in a beautiful terrace design. Therefore, the drainage system you need to calculate is appropriate to avoid water stagnation on the roof or in the pipes.

2.7. Choose the right plant

Unlike in the ground garden, the terrace is not the perfect environment for green plants to grow. Therefore, you should choose easy-to-live and evergreen plants such as jasmine, bougainvillea, climbing rose, chrysanthemum flower, lantern flower, begonia flower, etc. In addition, the terrace design is also necessary. There is a location to install a water tank and there is a faucet for watering plants, to save time and effort you can install an automatic watering system.

beautiful terrace designChoosing the right plants on the terrace

2.8. Choose the right furniture

Because it is often exposed to harsh weather, the furniture for the terrace needs to be simple and durable. Wooden or metal frames are the best choice. To increase the comfort of the interior, you can use additional seat cushions or bed cushions, but this cushion should be separated for easy storage in the rain. Materials such as linen, canvas are the perfect choice for you because they are easy to wash and quick to dry. For the covered terrace, the furniture can be more flexible and you can design the beautiful terrace as you like.

beautiful terrace designChoosing furniture for the terrace needs to be simple and durable

Leave your information, SBS HOUSE architect will advise you the fastest!

3. Top beautiful terrace designs that should not be missed

3.1. Green terrace with living space

As a relaxing space, you should choose for yourself the most favorite plants to combine living space such as sofas, swings, stone tables and chairs… to give you and your family members the most relaxing feeling. . The first thing you need to have is the arrangement and arrangement of trees.

Beautiful terrace design with a sofa set or tea table and chairs. Just that is enough to make the terrace area close and familiar.

The next idea is to arrange a clean vegetable garden with hanging vines. You completely design the rooftop garden with the cleanest and most beautiful vegetable garden possible.

beautiful terrace gardenDesign a beautiful and impressive rooftop living space

beautiful terrace modelBeautiful terrace design combined with living space

3.2. Beautiful terrace landscape design

Designing a terrace with a garden and plants is always a popular choice because of the safest and most beautiful. Besides the note about the right plants, the layout is equally important when decorating the terrace. turn on more trees.

beautiful terrace scene

Beautiful and attractive terrace garden

3.3. Beautiful roof terrace design

Another beautiful terrace design idea you can refer to is the roof terrace design that will help homeowners not need to worry about outdoor furniture and have an effective living and relaxing space. .

beautiful roof terraceBeautiful and elegant terrace design

beautiful roof terraceCovered terrace design

3.4. Beautiful design of a townhouse terrace

In big cities, the terrace space is also a place to bring freshness to the house, helping to remove the mystery of life. Not only that, the design of the terrace is also a place where the family can gather to chat or enjoy the panoramic view of the city and relax.

Beautiful terrace design for tube housesActual pictures of beautiful simple terrace models

beautiful terrace designBeautiful model for a simple but beautiful townhouse

beautiful terrace in townhouseUnique beautiful townhouse terrace design

3.5. Beautiful terrace design for tube houses

Tube houses often have a narrow width and limited usable area, so taking advantage of the terrace space helps homeowners have more living, resting, and relaxing space and brings ventilation to the house.

Beautiful terrace design for tube housesModern beautiful terrace design

Beautiful terrace design for tube housesBeautiful tube house terrace design

3.6. Model of 2-storey house with beautiful terrace

The type of 2-storey house with a beautiful terrace is an effective solution to increase the area, contribute to improving the quality of life, and create an open space for daily activities for family members.

2-storey house with nice terraceBeautiful, modern 2-storey house terrace design

3.7. Beautiful house model with rooftop swimming pool

Houses with large terraces, homeowners can consider making a swimming pool. If you are afraid of water absorption and mold, you should choose a good technical construction unit.

beautiful terrace designBeautiful model house with luxurious terrace swimming pool

3.8. Beautiful small terrace design

If your terrace is small, you can consider decorating the terrace with ornamental plants or small beautiful flowers, or just a little decor to have a gentle chill space in the evening.

nice little terraceThe beautiful small terrace helps homeowners relax with reading activities, chatting with friends, …

beautiful small terrace modelBeautiful small terrace design

3.9. Beautiful terrace model growing vegetables and flowers

The model of growing vegetables on the terrace is not new in today’s townhouses because the land area of ​​the townhouse is not too large for a garden, so growing vegetables and flowers on the terrace both brings a fresh and relaxing living space. Relax and help family members take care of trees, creating cohesion among members.

plant trees on the beautiful terraceDecorate the terrace beautifully with flowers and trees

Thus, the beautiful terrace design brings a new living space and relaxes to shake off the fatigue in life. Through the information shared above, hope you have got more new ideas to design your terrace beautiful, safe and suitable for your preferences.



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